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Determine your requirements for design criteria for your new facility.
Review plans for the building.
Prepare a time line incorporated with schedule for design.

After Design work starts

  • We arrange periodic visit to site with architects and clients to make sure that the design is being completed in timely manner
  • Conduct periodic review of work to make sure that the design is proceeding in a functional basis.
  • Recommend and use of the key element of the building to save the construction time.
  • Simplify the design from a constructability viewpoint, which would save the time.
  • Hold periodic meetings with you/Agencies to make sure that we are all on the same wave length.
  • Review general and special conditions of the specifications to recommend modifications.
  • Put daily incentive provision in the contract to make it lucrative for the contractor to finish the project early, with your approval.
  • Make method of payment Contingent on performance of specific milestone dates.